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AirGrowPro™ Plant Rooting Box

AirGrowPro™ Plant Rooting Box garden SNAPPYFINDS - Black 10 PCS 🌱 S

AirGrowPro™ Plant Rooting Box

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Air Layering Propagation Has Never Been Easier! Clone Your Favorite Trees with Ease!

Our AirGrowPro™ Plant Rooting Box is specifically designed to help trees or shrub branches to take root fast and easily for complete reproduction and replication.

AirGrowPro™  is widely used for cloning indoor or outdoor plants, fruit trees, roses, hard to root plants like Camellias, Michelia Alba, Gardenias, Magnolia, Camellias, and many, many more. Perfect gift for the plant lovers, and fruit tree lovers!

More plants can be obtained in LESS TIME!

Get a greater chance of growing a healthy new plant with the  Plant Rooting Box!


The reusable AirGrowPro™ pod doesn't damage the parent plant at all. It only uses a small branch on the plant you wish to clone. Once the roots are ready you're ready to cut and plant. It's as simple as that.


The AirGrowPro™ will help you grow roots right onto the branches of your favorite fruit tree, rare plant or to replicate your existing trees, shrubs, or woody plants and easily produce a new oneAirGrowPro™ saves you time and effort, set it and forget it, literally! Just after a couple of weeks, you'll have a mini tree ready to be planted.


AirGrowPro™ Plant Rooting Box propagation pods are strong and durable enough to be used and reused again and again so you can continue to enjoy cloning your favorite plants with ease. Lock and clone your existing plants and your friends/family plants with ease and without stress, thanks to the AirGrowPro™ Pods!


      3 Easy Simple Steps:



        Material: PP Plastic

        Available Sizes:

        • - 5 cm
        • M - 8 cm
        • L - 12 cm

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