Heated Car Seat Cover Pad Cushion



Experience the luxury of warmth during your winter drives. Our heated car seat cover pad cushion adds a touch of coziness to every journey.

Heated Car Seat Cover Pad Cushion $119.99 $79.99
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 Heated Car Seat Cover Pad Cushion

Looking for the perfect chair massager to warm your body and boost your energy in the right place? The dedicated massage chair pad has been developed to thoroughly massage the body with acupoints to maintain optimal blood circulation and focus on essentials.

Equipped with a high-frequency vibration motor, this back massage chair provides a synchronous massage of the entire body from neck to bottom. This car seat massager not only relieves tension in stiff muscles but also helps to relax the body and increase blood flow.

Best of all, this portable massage chair can be used as long as the outlet is nearby. That means you can take it to the office or put it in your car or bedroom.



Due to its compact and lightweight design, this office chair massager can be easily carried from one place to another. The delivery range includes two different adapters, one for regular sockets and one for automobiles.


There is nothing better than indulging in a relaxing massage all day while you do all your work. You can relax your body by changing the massage points just by changing the mode of the seat massager.


Massage Cushion is just a matter of connecting the massage chair to a power source and selecting and activating the desired massage point with the included remote control.


1x Massage Chair Pad