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Capture Moments Unnoticed: Mini Voice Activated Recorder – Your Compact Solution for Effortless and Discreet Audio Recording.”



Are you tired of missing out on important details during meetings, lectures, or interviews? Look no further than the ni™ Mini Voice Activated Recorder. This innovative device is your ultimate companion for capturing high-quality audio effortlessly.

Effortless Recording: With its voice-activated feature, the ni™ Mini Voice Activated Recorder starts recording as soon as it detects sound, eliminating the hassle of manually pressing buttons. You can trust that every significant moment will be captured without interruption.

Large Storage Capacity: Equipped with a generous 32GB capacity, this recorder ensures that you never run out of space. Store up to a staggering 376 hours of recording files, allowing you to record multiple sessions without worrying about storage limitations.

Long-lasting Battery: The ni™ Mini Voice Activated Recorder is powered by a premium 200mAh rechargeable battery. Enjoy up to 50 hours of continuous recording or indulge in 30 hours of playback. Additionally, the recorder supports recording while charging, providing unmatched convenience for extended sessions.


MP3 Player and USB-Memory-Stick: Seamlessly switch between recording and entertainment with the built-in MP3 player. Enjoy your favorite tunes during breaks, making your recording experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, the recorder doubles as a USB-Memory-Stick, allowing you to conveniently store and transfer files.

Time Stamp: Stay organized and keep track of your recordings effortlessly with the built-in time stamp feature. Each file is automatically marked with the date and time of recording, ensuring easy navigation through your archives.



  • RECORD IDEAS ON THE GO: Walk and talk out the important ideas you have anywhere, with just a slide of the button. Just slide the REC button and let the creative magic flow.
  • AUDIO SURVEILLANCE: Leaving your child at home with the nanny for the first time? Or do you want to check how noisy is your dog when you’re not at home? Using the small recording device in voice-activation mode is your to-go solution.
  • SPEECH IMPROVEMENT: The phenomenon of “voice confrontation” is real, arising from differences in expected frequencies and “extra-linguistic cues”.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Lawyers may use them to take voice notes while preparing cases, while criminal investigators record digital notes in the field, and doctors use it to record important info about cases. If you make a living in one of these fields, you may find a portable voice recorder invaluable.


  • Shell made from metal and zinc alloy material, anti-fall strongly
  • Professional recording pen chip of ATJ3315D, HD recording
  • Timestamp, Name the recording files by date automatically
  • AGC function, adjusts the noise source automatically
  • Voice Recorder,MP3 player, and USB flash drive
  • Support voice activated recording
  • Detect low battery and save the recording files automatically 
  • Playback function: One key to record/save
  • Plug into headphones to listen to music
  • USB adapter
  • Long battery life
  • Built in rechargeable 300mAh lithium battery
  • USB 2.0 connector , easy to upload and download files
  • Color: Black


  • Recording Format: WAV/192kpbs
  • Music Playback Format: WMA/WAV/MP3/OGG etc. audio format
  • Battery Recording Time: About 50 hours
  • Battery Playing Time: About 35 hours
  • Battery: 300mAh lithium battery   Battery charging time: About 3 hours
  • Noise-signal ratio: 80db
  • USB Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
  • 16GB Saving recording time: About 188H/ 32GB saving recording time: About 376H
  • Working Temperature: -5 to 40 degrees
  • Recording Sample Rate: 48KHZ
  • Headphone Jack: USB jack
  • Compatible System: Windows 2000&above
  • Size(mm): 54*34*7 (L*W*T)
  • Net Weight: About 21g



  • 1 x X95Mini™  Voice Activated Recorder
  • 1 x English manual
  • 1 x USB data cable