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EZ Glide ™ - 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner

EZ Glide ™ - 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner Home SNAPPYFINDS -

EZ Glide ™ - 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner

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Having a hard time cleaning those baseboards?

Then allow the EZ Glide ™ - 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner to help you!

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This 360? Baseboard Cleaning Mop help you clean those base board by just a simple walk and glide.

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The flex head design conforms almost any baseboard. You no longer have to bend over to reach those high base board or sit on your knees!


  • PERFECT PARTNER FOR BASEBOARD CLEANING. Conforms any base board and moldings because of its flex head design and its microfiber pad traps and lock those dirt and dust!
  • CLEAN ANY ANGLE. Because of its 360?ø head, this allows you to clean any area in any angle without hassle!
  • NO MORE PAINFUL BACK AND KNEE. No more kneeling and painful shoulders in reaching to clean that low and high base board and moldings. You just have to glide this 360?ø Baseboard Cleaning Mop to your baseboards!

  • CAN BE USE WET OR DRY. This cleaning mop is also perfect wet cleaning to remove stains and as well as dry to remove those dust.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ADJUSTABLE. This 360?ø Baseboard Cleaning Mop has an adjustable handle that you can extend up to 4 feet to accommodate various heights. Its light weight feature gives you ease in cleaning those, moldings and baseboards.
  • EASY TO STORE. 360?ø Baseboard Cleaning Mop is collapsible and breaks down which is portable and easy to store.
  • EASY TO CLEAN.?ÿ Its microfiber cleaning pads are snap to clean. Just rinse it with water and can be reuse.
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Clean those unreachable shaped and contoured base boards with this 360?ø Baseboard Cleaning Mop!


  • Materials: Aluminum + Plastic + Ultra-fine fiber mats
  • Size:12 x 4 x 2 cm/ 4.72 x 1.57 x 0.78 inches


  • 1X 360 Baseboard Cleaning Mop +Reusable Cleaning Pad?

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Denny T.

Great works good!!

Rolanda A.

We have baseboards that are flat on top (about an inch wide) and the baseboard buddy is hard to place on the baseboard and keep it in place while you move it along the baseboard. It keeps shifting off the baseboard. This might be best used on baseboards that have grooves.

Marlene A.

If you don't do it just right, the whole assembly falls apart, I put it back together and it did a good job cleaning my baseboard, but I had to glue the pole to the bottom piece, because the back and forth movement of cleaning kept causing it to unscrew. It's all light weight plastic.


Honestly you can save your money and get down on your knees but why? This thing works well. I see it as more of a maintenance use rather than a good scrubbing on old molding trim with caked on dust. Consider cleaning by hand then maintaining with this. New house? This is perfect for you!


I clean houses and usually clean baseboards by bending over or on my knees. With the baseboard buddy I can stand and walk while I clean baseboards this saves me so much time and I have less wear on my knees and back.


Extender pole is sturdy and the adjustments for the cleaning pad direction works as indicated.


Actually works very well. Not only cleans the baseboards but will catch the dust buddies and pet hair along the floor by the baseboards. I'd like if the cleaning pads were a bit softer so they molded to the baseboards a bit better. I loved not having to get down on my hands and knees to clean.


For 10,000 years cleaning was just a long stick with a bunch of rags tied to the end. The Baseboard Buddy is what happens when either 1) women get into engineering or 2) men have to do the cleaning. I love this thing!

Tony B.

This works pretty well. It comes with a cleaning pad installed and two additional replacement pads. The device is typical "made for TV quality" but holds up if you don't **** it around. I found that the handle would not stay ******* into the base while maneuvering so I Duct Taped the connection and that works well. Also, I found that dragging it rather than pushing it was easier. On the plus side you can cover a lot of territory in a little time. I used to dry so don't know about wet. Our baseboards were not filthy. It was nice to clean above door molding and crown molding.


I have a whole house of 5" baseboards. I had new carpet coming and was tired of moving everything, but wanted my baseboards cleaned before and after the carpet install. This works, see my picture and I did not have to sit on the floors and slide around the rooms. Nor did I have to bend over until exhausted. There is a slight learning curve on the best angle and where to stand but it works. It also allows you to get behind furniture.

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