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Vantage™ Remote Control Duplicator

Vantage™ Remote Control Duplicator SNAPPYFINDS -

Vantage™ Remote Control Duplicator

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You can now make a copy of any key in a few seconds with our Vantage™ Remote Control Duplicator through simple steps and be prepared for any possible button breaks, definitely fits well with your daily usage like a dream.

It is handy keychain-sized attaches to your sets of keys for portability. Also, no need to worry about privacy and safety. It adopts one-to-one key copy technology and the password of each key is saved individually.


  • WIRELESS REMOTE-CONTROL DUPLICATOR: Duplicate existing remote controllers for cars, car sunroofs, garage doors, gate doors, heating systems, home automation e.g. lighting and etc.

    • ABCD FOUR BUTTONSrespectively copy four different types of chips and so operate four different types of facilities.

      • FIXED FREQUENCY: works for 315 / 433MHz fixed codes and learning codes; transmit distance is 50-100m (open space)

      • ONE-TO-ONE KEY COPY TECHNOLOGYThe password of each key is saved individually and is reliable.
      • PORTABLE HUMANIZED DESIGN: Handy key chain size attached to your car keys. Button slide cover to protect buttons from accidental unplanned operation.



      1. Press button A&B at the same time, in about 2 seconds the LED light will flash 3 times and then go out.
      2. Release button B at the same time, the button A continues to hold, don't release.
      3. Press button B for 3 times, then you can see the LED light will flash rapidly and continuously (button A is still holding) which indicates that the code has been cleaned up.
      4. Release the button A and now you have successfully cleared the code.


      1. Take the original remote control in one hand and Clone Remote Control on the other. Keep the two remote controls as close as possible.
      2. Press the first keys of the two remote controls all together and you should see the LED light will flash 2 times and then slowly flash for 3 times. 
      3.  You have now successfully cloned that button now use the same method to copy the rest of the keys.
      • Powered by 1 x 27A battery (included)
      • Compatible chips: 2262, 2260, 5026, 5326, 5326 - 3, 5326 - 4, FP527, PT2240, EV1527, HT6010, HT6014, HT12E, HT640, HT680, PLC168, SMC series, 9XX, PT2292, 12L - 4SC, HT6026, UM3750AM, etc.
      • Compatible Crystal Frequency: AMERICAN 315 MHZ / OTHER COUNTRIES 433 MHZ


        • 1 x User manual
        • 1 x Remote Control Duplicator (Battery included)


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        I recommend this product

        A great addition to the Proxmark for storing prox cards offline for later duplicating (simply hold a button down on the card and store it, then push the button to dump the card back to the Proxmark.

        Ken G.
        I recommend this product

        All as in the picture. Programmed simply. Works in my case 433MHz.

        Jerry C.
        I recommend this product

        I recommend this product

        Its funny how most community management offices have very strong rules and opinions about the access cards of a particular building. They charged me 100USD for a card replacement when mine broke. You could argue that the price is not so much for profit as much as for safety. They don't want to have many keys out there and too many people have access to the building.

        I recommend this product

        I recommend this product

        Three good

        I recommend this product

        I have a Doorking solutions "DKS" keyfob based on the IDTeck chip I believe. It uses PSK coding, and can be copied onto a t5577 chip. The keysy definitely did NOT work to copy this, when following the instructions. Ultimately I ordered off amazon the "proxmark3 easy" product, and was able to successfully read and copy this card. If you have a similar type of fob, I would not purchase the keysy, consider using the proxmark 3 although that requires quite a bit of technical sophistication.

        M D.
        I recommend this product

        Works great for HID tags at my office, gym, and apartment. A great addition to the Proxmark for storing prox cards offline for later duplicating (simply hold a button down on the card and store it, then push the button to dump the card back to the Proxmark.

        Christopher A.
        I recommend this product

        My Wife refers to it as "organizing"...and apparently I love to play "where is my stuff?!" So at $50/key, our Community Pool is becoming paid off rather quickly, thanks to my household. Who loves HOAs?! Yep, thought not. I have a work key that for some reason HATES to go to work. Lazy keys = I leave for work without my work key. Enter Keysy. First off, I must say the ease of use has absolutely blown me away. They nailed the algorithms and the speed in which it completes a duplication. Not even joking...I said "This is so damn easy!" to my Wife, and she replied with "It's so damn Keysy!". We're middle-aged married adults, I thought this was funny coming from her!

        steve n.
        I recommend this product

        After reading the instructions, I did not believe it would be this easy to replicate an RFID card but I was blown away by the ease of use. You hold the desired button down that you would like it to copy to and about 5 seconds in, you are ready to go. I have it set to a few locations so with one program that already paid for itself. If you are looking for a solution to create a copy of your RFID Card/Tag this product is HIGHLY recommended. I purchased a much cheaper (sketchy) looking alternative and that did absolutely nothing.

        Joanne T.
        I recommend this product

        Knowing that my profession is access control, I bought this item for it's cool factor. This thing is very easy to use! Boss never knew I copied his parking pass, although I gave him warning that I was going to do it. However, as a professional, I have several "fobs" and cards to my name. This item had rounded up the 3 that I use the most in my profession into one easy to use fob. However the read distance isn't the greatest. This thing will not read on picky or short distance readers such as the Schlage door handles or any mini reader over 1cm in separation including Rosslare HID keypads. Other than the few exceptions, I still enjoy this due to how easy it is to duplicate RFID cards to join them into one and reduce the bulk and misreads of my keychain.

        V ferguson..:)
        I recommend this product

        Was able to clone 3 different apartment gate code kefobs so that I can get into my friends place without having to call them every-time. The emulation didn't work for the encrypted fob, but it was able to clone it :) That does mean you will have to order the separate pack of Keysy writable fobs tho, there about $3 each.

        G C.

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