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SlimlineNeck™ - Portable Neck and Chin Slimmer

SlimlineNeck™ - Portable Neck and Chin Slimmer SNAPPYFINDS -

SlimlineNeck™ - Portable Neck and Chin Slimmer

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This lightweight and Slim Neck™ - Portable Neck and Chin Slimmer will help you get rid of your double chin, massage your neck,  and make you feel confident about the way you look! 

The Portable Neck Slimmer features  3 different strength springs that can produce different massage effects.

The SlimlineNeck™ - Portable Neck and Chin Slimmer is quick, easy, and pain-free. Using this Portable Neck Slimmer benefits on a regular basis can stimulate your neck muscles, helping them develop strength over time.


Take years off your appearance and gently firm the underlying muscles of the neck. The Double chin massager will tighten and lift saggy skin through the use of progressive, three-level coil resistance. It’s portable and convenient to carry anywhere you want.


This neck Line slimmer is considered one of the best and first resistance toning system for neck and face. The Double chin remover will not only massage and slim your neck, but can also remove double chin, improve your appearance, and relax your body.

✓  Quick & Effective Results:

 Using this  Neck Slimmer & double chin remover only for 2 minutes a day can dramatically transform your appearance. This Neck Line slimmer will work on stimulating and tightening your neck’s muscles. In addition to slimming effects, the neck slimmer will also allow you to enjoy an invigorating massage.



✓  3 Different Strength Springs:

The double chin remover features 3 resistance levels: Low, medium, & high that you can use according to your needs to gently tighten the saggy skin and strengthen your muscles to achieve a quick,  dramatic, and remarkable lift.

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Well worth it


I just received this gadget this week and it gets my "WOW" factor and 5 star for the mobility and flexibility in the neck. I have had 3 bad car accidents and my neck suffered the most in the first one in 1999. I have not been able to rotate my head from left to right this far since the 90's!I have only used this tool 3 times in two days and I instantly got this result. I was not ordering it for this but for the toning and am very happy just because of the movement I have with less pain. I cannot, at this time as it is too soon, vouch for the toning and slimming results. I will, however, come back to report if I do see the results. For now, I am super happy with the less pain in my neck when turning left or right. Well worth the small $$!!


This feels and looks like it is made from the cheapest grade plastic -- like a cheap kids toy. It looks and feels like it could be manufactured for pennies. It squeaks loudly when used and catches when it slides, not moving smoothly in the sleeve. I even considered spraying it with WD40, to make it less "jerky".The springs do provide some resistence but I suspect an ordinary ball placed under the chin would accomish the same thing. Regardless of where I position it, the device does not fit well between my chin and my chest. It feels too long and the angle of my head tilts uncomfortably slightly backward causing neck pain.My neck hurts when I use it ... not in the front where expected from muscle contractions where I was hoping to firm, but in the back spine area. My head feels dizzy and a little odd after using it. (I do sometimes hear grinding sounds in my neck so probably do have arthritis in my neck.) At a minimum, maybe this cheaply made item should not be used by someone with neck issues of any kind and should have a disclaimer. I'm guessing it has never been clinucally tested for medical contraindications.The instructions are pitiful. They are typed in about a size 4 font. Even with a magnifier they are almost impossible to read.I would not buy it again and cannot recommend it to someone else.

Vicky B.

Kind of sticks but great value works great. Great results

Claudia R.

This product works well for me. I like to combine it with the Facial Flex and attempt to use them simultaneously. That way there's more pressure and better results.

Kaden H.

Does it’s job and very easy to use.

Andrea T.

Great love it

Vicky B.

I tried this a few times, far too little to see any results. Hope to try it again.

Krystal M.

It hurts the neck doing nothing to tighten my mom says p

Jennifer Y.


LIsa M.


Carla O.

I’ve only used it for a few days and I can already see results.

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