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QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Electric Pump

19 reviews
$ 59.99 USD $ 115.77 USD
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The QuickExtract™ Oil Change Pump makes it fast and mess-free to change the oil in your car, motorcycle, boat, jet ski and more!

There's no need to lift your car up on jack stands because the QuickExtract™ transfers oil right from under your hood!

    • The oil extractor works by connecting the clamps to the 12V battery. The oil is simply drawn out the motor through the oil outlet tube.
    • The oil-extractor is suitable to pump engine oil, diesel and heating oil.



    1. Turn off your engine and remove the oil cap.
    2. Place the inlet hose into the engine's oil reservoir.
    3. Place the outlet hose into an empty bucket.
    4. Connect the positive and negative power clamps to the car battery.
    5. Press the power button to turn on the oil pump.

    This process is very simple and you can often do it by yourself to ensure your engine runs smoothly.




    • Dimensions: 5.1 x 5 x 3.3" / 14.1 x 8.3 x 13 cm
    • Input Voltage: 12V DC
    • Rated Current: 5A
    • Sound: 70 dB
    • Vibration: Less Than 2.5m / s2
    • Maximum Flow Rate: 1.5 L / min
    • Maximum Delivery Height: 2.3 ft.
    • Crude Oil Flow Rate: Approx. 250L / hour 
    • Line Length: approx. 71 cm / 28 in


    • 1 x QuickExtract™ Oil Change Pump
    • 1 x Outlet Hose
    • 1 x Inlet Hose
    • 2 x Hose Clamps
    • 2 x Battery Clamps 


    To avoid overheating, please do not keep the oil-extractor running longer than 30 minutes per use. Let it cool down for 10 minutes before reuse. Do not use the extractor for the following liquids: water (no lubrication of the pump), gearbox-oil (too viscous), and flammable liquids (fuel, petrol, etc).


    QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Electric Pump
    $ 59.99 USD $ 115.77 USD
    Customer Reviews
    4.7 Based on 19 Reviews
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    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump ReviewSNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    Works, gears need to be lubricated.

    Troy b.
    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    I have had this for a while now. People leaving most of the negative reviews are clearly either using this with viscous fluids this isnt designed for, or not allowing some cooling time between heavy uses. I have been extremely happy with this product with oil and transmission fluid. I have held off pumping gear oil as that certainly is beyond this items design parameters and if I **** it doing that it is my own fault. As I say, major labor saver on fluids it is designed for.

    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    My first DIY oil change on a new Subaru Forester did not go well The drain plug was overtightened and, possibly, the dealership did not use a crush washer. Even a 6 point socket on a breaker bar would not get it to budge. Not wanting to damage the oil pan, I decided the best course of action was to use "one of those" dipstick pumps. This pump, which I bought from Amazon, got most of the oil out and I was able to complete the change. Judging from the oil capacity and the amount of new oil, the engine took, I'd say that (maybe) a pint or so could not be extracted. In view of the current situation, I'll probably keep using the pump and, possibly experiment with different types of extractor tubing.

    simon n.
    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    Feedback will add after replacing the oil in the engine auto.

    andy p.
    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump ReviewSNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump ReviewSNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    Pumped oil pretty fast. The main thing is that it is warm otherwise it will not work.

    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump ReviewSNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    It looks great and good presentation. I have to prove it.

    T H.
    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump ReviewSNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    Used this to extract oil from a 5.7L Mercruiser. Warmed the engine, removed the oil fill cap, snaked the suction line down the dipstick tube and wire-tied the output side line into a 2.5 gal used motor oil jug. Took about 15 minutes to **** it dry. No muss, no fuss just sweet, sweet oil ******* goodness. This will be useful for other tasks around the garage as well.

    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    The oil leaked like crazy after 3 uses. The 4th time, it leaked quite a bit. I estimated to be 1/2 quart after 5-7 minutes of running. I paid $26.99 for it, but as of this review, the price dropped to $17.99. I give it 2 stars because it got the jobs done, but I wish it to be a little more reliable rather than returning or throw it away after 3-4 uses.

    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    This pump works awesome for motor oil from a car with a welded drain plug. I am an automotive and diesel mechanic for 20 years and this is a great home grade pump. It took less than 5 minutes to pump out hot 5w30 oil.

    Drew k.
    SNAPPYFINDS - QuickExtract™ - Oil Change Pump Review
    I recommend this product

    Great little pump for oil removal. Just did two lawn mowers in nothing flat. Before first use ,add mineral oil to both input and output sides. A half eyedropper full will do.

    alison d.

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