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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Transformed my gardening experience! The Electric Cordless Weed Edge Trimmer is a game-changer. With its powerful performance and cordless convenience, maintaining my lawn has never been easier. Five stars for precision and efficiency – a must-have for every garden enthusiast!” 

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Enhance efficiency and save both time and effort with our high-performance Cordless Grass Trimmer! Say goodbye to overgrown grass and weeds effortlessly with the 88V Powerful Electric Cordless Grass Trimmer. Featuring a robust motor, this trimmer tackles even the toughest vegetation with ease.

Benefit from continuous operation with two included batteries, eliminating the need for frequent recharging interruptions. The cordless design ensures easy maneuverability, allowing you to reach inaccessible areas effortlessly. Don’t let unruly outdoor spaces dampen your surroundings – invest in the 88V Powerful Electric Cordless Grass Trimmer today!

5 Key Benefits of Our 88V Powerful Electric Cordless Grass Trimmer

  1. EFFICIENCY REDEFINED: Get the job done faster with our 88V Powerful Electric Cordless Grass Trimmer, designed for optimum efficiency in tackling overgrown grass and weeds.

  2. CONTINUOUS OPERATION: Say goodbye to interruptions – this trimmer comes with two batteries, ensuring you can keep working without the hassle of frequent recharges.

  3. EASY MANEUVERABILITY: The cordless design makes navigating through hard-to-reach areas a breeze, providing unparalleled accessibility for a well-groomed lawn.

  4. COMFORTABLE GARDENING EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a comfortable gardening experience with the adjustable pole, allowing you to customize the trimmer to your preferred height and reducing strain during use.

  5. WIRE-FREE CONVENIENCE: Navigate large plots of land effortlessly without the constraints of wires or electric sockets, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility in lawn maintenance.






  • 18000RPM Strong Power : The cutting line speed reaches 18000rpm(No-load Speed), the power is strong. Pure copper motor, strong power, fast speed.
  • Telescopic Lever Button Design : 16-section Pole can be adjusted at will, with a degree of expansion of 1-30cm, and the height can be adjusted at will according to the needs.
  • Adjustable Machine Head : Head angle can be adjusted 180 degrees, 5-position pivoting head enables user to adjust cutting angle, allowing for trimming in tight places such as under the bench, etc.
  • Easy Operation : Spool assembly is easy to attach & remove and easy-to-rewind and equipped with metal bump feed button for wear resistance.
  • Comfortable to Hold : Comfortable auxiliary handle, comfortable grip, no hand rubbing, and the adjustable loop-handle can be adjusted according to user’s height and working posture.
  • Waterproof Design : Waterproof case, it is not easy to seep into rain or dew during use.
  • Higher Efficiency : Cutting diameter, cutting diameter up to 160mm, higher efficiency. Double front wheel assistance, more comfortable to work for a long time.
  • Light and Portable : Small and convenient, go with the belt, not bound by the line, the lawn cutting area is not restricted.
  • Stainless-steel Saw Blade : Suitable for cutting branches and hard bushes.
  • Stainless-steel Cutter Head : Suitable for playing older and thicker grass.
  • Plastic Cutter Head : Suitable for tender grass, lawn trimming, etc.

Specification :

      • Name : Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer Kit

      • Color : Green+Black

      • Power : 1000W

      • Speed : 18000rpm

      • Use Time : 2-3h

      • Charging Time : 30min/1h

      • Blade Diameter : 15cm/6 in

      • Power supply voltage : 100-240V

      • Material : ABS+Stainless Steel+Aluminum

      • Length : 90-120cm/35.43-47.2 in (Adjustable)

      • Battery : 88VF 22980mAh Lithium Battery

      • Optional Pattern : 1 Battery SET/2 Battery SET

    Package Included :

    • 1 * Electric Grass Trimmer
    • 1/2 Battery (Optional)
    • 1 * Circular Saw Blade
    • 1 * Handle
    • 1 * Blocking Grass Board
    • 2 * Wrenches
    • 1 * Steel Blade
    • 5 * Plastic Blades
    • 2 * Walking Wheels
    • 1 * User Manual

    Frequently Asked Questions :

    Is this electric weed eater suitable for use in residential areas?

    Yes, this electric weed eater is low noise and low vibration, making it suitable for use in residential areas.

    Does the grass trimmer come with detachable wheels for easy maneuvering ?
    Yes, the lawn trimmer comes with detachable wheels so that you can guide it through your lawn with ease.

    Is this product cordless or does it require a power cord?
    This product is cordless and does not require a power cord.

    Can the cutting head be adjusted for better cutting performance?
    Yes, the cutting head supports a 90° setting, which allows the lawn part to be tilted and easy to enter difficult-to-access corners.

    Is the grass trimmer comfortable to hold?
    Yes, the grass trimmer comes with a comfortable auxiliary handle and grip, as well as an adjustable loop-handle that can be adjusted according to the user’s height and working posture. 

    Is the grass trimmer waterproof?

    Yes, the grass trimmer comes with a waterproof case that prevents water from seeping into the motor during use.

    What is the maximum cutting diameter of the grass trimmer?
    The cutting diameter of the grass trimmer is up to 160mm.

    Is the electric weed wacker easy to navigate through large plots of land?
    Yes, the electric weed wacker is easy to navigate through large plots of land since it is cordless and does not require the need for wires or electric sockets.

    What type of grass and weeds is the grass trimmer suitable for?
    The grass trimmer is suitable for all types of overgrown grass and weeds, including tender grass, lawn trimming, older and thicker grass, as well as branches and hard bushes.

    What is the warranty on the grass trimmer?
    The grass trimmer comes with a risk-free 30-day guarantee and a 1-year free breakdown warranty.