Handheld Electric Steam Cleaner


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Revolutionize your cleaning routine with our portable and efficient handheld electric steam cleaner. Tackle dirt, grime, and stains effortlessly for a spotless home.


Unleash the Power of Clean with Our Handheld

Electric Steam Cleaner


Elevate Your Cleaning Experience with the SteamSprint ProClean – Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Cleaning!

Unleash the Power of Deep Steam Cleaning: Experience a new level of cleanliness as our handheld electric steam cleaner effortlessly penetrates and dissolves dirt, grime, and stains, ensuring a thorough and deep clean for all surfaces.



  • Powerful Steam Cleaning: Harness the cleaning power of steam to eliminate dirt, grime, and stains effectively.

  • Portable and Convenient: Compact and handheld, our steam cleaner allows for easy maneuvering, reaching every nook and cranny.

  • Chemical-Free Cleaning: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals – our steam cleaner uses the natural power of steam for a healthier home environment.

  • Versatile Cleaning Tool: From kitchen surfaces to bathroom tiles and even upholstery, our steam cleaner handles a variety of cleaning tasks.

  • Quick Heat-Up: Experience rapid steam generation within minutes, making cleaning quick and hassle-free.


  1. Efficient Steam Cleaning Technology:

    • Spotless Surfaces: Clean and sanitize your home effortlessly with the powerful steam output of our cleaner.
  2. Portable and Maneuverable Design:

    • Clean Every Corner: Compact and handheld, our cleaner allows you to reach tight spaces and corners with ease.
  3. Chemical-Free Steam Cleaning:

    • Healthier Living: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, promoting a chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning routine.
  4. Versatile Cleaning Capability:

    • Multi-Surface Performance: From kitchen counters to bathroom tiles and upholstery, our steam cleaner handles various cleaning tasks.
  5. Quick Heat-Up Technology:

    • Time-Saving Convenience: Achieve steam production within minutes, ensuring quick and efficient cleaning sessions.


How To Use


1.Rotate the cap counterclockwise to open it.
*Note: For the user’s safety, the cap cannot be opened when there is steam within.

2.Recommended water volume is 8.5oz.
The scales on the measuring cup help to control the water volume precisely.

3.After inserting the accessory by aligning the arrow marked on the body. Please screw it until it is securely fastened.

4.Wait 3 minutes after plugging in the power supply. Ready to use when the light is off.

5.To emit steam, push up the slide valve (safety lock) and press down the button.
Tips: You don’t have to keep pushing the slide valve during operation, once the button is pressed, it will be locked.

6.Please ensure that the power supply is connected during use. As you wipe off the stain, the steamer will continue to heat up and be ready for the next steaming.




  • Item Weight:4.09 pounds
  • Item model number:40604003A-CL
  • Water tank capacity:350ml
  • Maximum load capacity:250ml
  • Injected steam capacity:25-30g /min
  • Length of power cord:about 9 ft
  • Steam temperature:221°F
  • Steam pressure:2.5-3.2 bar
  • Rated power:1050W
  • Net weight:2.75 lb+
  • Type:Handheld
  • Color:White+Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 × Steam Cleaner (with accessories)
  • 1 × Description