Pro-Grade 18″ Spike Roller Lawn Aerator



Say goodbye to lackluster lawns and welcome a new era of vitality. Order your Professional Grade Lawn Aerator 18″ Spike Roller now and unlock the full potential of your outdoor oasis.

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Are you tired of dealing with a lackluster lawn that fails to reach its full potential? Discover the secret to achieving a vibrant and healthy lawn with our revolutionary Professional Grade Lawn Aerator 18″ Spike Roller. Say goodbye to compacted soil and hello to a lush paradise right in your backyard.

Unleash the Power of Aeration: Experience the transformative power of aeration and witness your lawn flourish like never before. Our Professional Grade Lawn Aerator 18″ Spike Roller is designed to penetrate deep into the soil, creating pathways for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. This process encourages robust root growth, resulting in a thicker, greener, and more resilient lawn.

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The Garden Spike Roller works by perforating the ground with its steel spikes, creating small holes in the ground. This allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots which help the roots to grow deeply and produce a lush garden lawn.


  • Enhanced Soil Aeration: The strategically positioned spikes effortlessly puncture the ground, loosening compacted soil and allowing it to breathe. This promotes optimal nutrient absorption and improves water drainage, reducing the risk of waterlogging.
  • Healthier Grass Roots: By aerating your lawn, you provide your grass roots with the ideal environment to thrive. Stronger and deeper roots mean increased drought resistance, reduced weed growth, and enhanced overall turf health.
  • Time and Effort Savings: Our 18 inch wide roller allows you to cover larger areas in less time, making lawn aeration a breeze. No more back-breaking manual labor or costly professional services. Take control of your lawn’s destiny and achieve professional-grade results on your own terms.
  • Versatile Design: Whether you have a small suburban yard or a spacious landscape, our Garden Spike Roller Lawn Aerator adapts to your needs. Its adjustable handle height and durable construction ensure ease of use and


  • Material : Steel, PP, Rubber
  • Dimension : 50″ x 18″ (L x W)
  • Handle Length : 40.5″
  • Plastic Roller Diameter : 6″
  • Net Weight : 7 lbs


  • 1 x Professional Grade Lawn Aerator 18″ Spike Roller
  • 1 x Manual