990 Mile Outdoor HD TV Antenna UHF VHF 4k

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990 Mile Outdoor HD TV Antenna UHF VHF 4k $160.00 Original price was: $160.00.$79.99Current price is: $79.99.
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Crystal Clear Reception Beyond Boundaries

Unleash the Power of 4K Clarity

Experience television like never before with our 990 Mile Outdoor HD TV Antenna UHF VHF 4K. Designed to capture signals with precision, this antenna delivers crystal-clear images and immersive sound, bringing your favorite shows, sports events, and movies to life in stunning 4K resolution.

Amplified Signal Strength for Uninterrupted Viewing

Say goodbye to pixelation and signal loss. Our antenna boasts an amplified signal strength, ensuring that you receive uninterrupted viewing pleasure even in remote locations. Whether you’re nestled in the heart of the countryside or exploring the great outdoors, stay connected to the world of entertainment with unparalleled clarity.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Conquer Any Terrain with Durability

Constructed with rugged materials and engineered for durability, our outdoor TV antenna is built to withstand the harshest of elements. From scorching sun to heavy rain and snow, trust in its robust design to maintain peak performance in any weather condition. Elevate your outdoor entertainment experience with a device that’s as tough as it is reliable.

Effortless Installation for Instant Gratification

Get Set Up in Minutes, Enjoy for Years

No complicated assembly or technical expertise required. Our HD TV antenna comes with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing you to set it up effortlessly within minutes. Simply mount it in your preferred location, scan for channels, and sit back to enjoy a vast array of programming options. Transform your outdoor space into a cinematic oasis without the hassle.



  • 5 Receiving Elements and 1/3 times longer than any other antennas to enhance the TV receptions.
  • High quality copper cable to enhance the signal transmission from antenna to the receiver.
  • Special wind proof design to enhance the durability of the Antenna.
  • By using much higher quality material to make this antenna to last longer in all weather conditions.


  • Built-in 360 degree rotation with infrared remote control
  • By pressing the rotating button on the control box, then motor turns 360 degree to pick up the channels widely
  • LED light on the control box will indicate the Antenna is working functionally:



TV Connections Guide

  • Connect the antenna top to the antenna input of the control box using any coaxial cable.
  • Plug the control box power supply into the wall. The control box is the device that you point your remote control at to make the antenna rotate. The control box is usually installed next to your TV set.

Each antenna comes equipped with a complete DIY kit, 360° motor, and smart IC ship to ALWAYS provide the clearest picture possible. This outdoor antenna is also small in size so that it’s easy to fit.

It is the ideal tool for sending and receiving signal. It is the best antenna out there! Don’t miss out!


  • Can reach Up to 990 mile range to access the Over the Air Channels.
  • “Intelligent Gain” Smart Chip: Gain 25-35db, New technology for adjusting high-quality signal reception performance.
  • 360 degree rotation function allows antenna for all directional search, with remote-controlled by pressing the rotation button.
  • Enhanced reflector panels design for receiving the signal and get more high resolution HD 1080P, 1080i, 4K Channels.
  • The antenna can support up to 5 TVs ( need installation kit ) at a time, share the channels with your friends and family members to watch the big game, movies, news, kids shows and more.
  • Picks up FM radio signals in addition to HDTV.


1. Mount the antenna on your rooftop for optimal performance.

2. Consult related instruction manual to SCAN the Channels FIRST if you use a digital converter box

3. Find the setting option on TV menu. Set up the signal source to AIR/Antenna.

4. After you set up the signal source, go to Channel Scan or Channel Manage to scan the digital channels.


With our powerful Outdoor HDTV Antenna, you’ll have access to a wide range of channels, including popular networks and local broadcasts. Here are some examples of the channels you can expect to receive:


  • Working Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz,UHF 470~890MHz
  • Noise Figure: ≤2.5dB
  • Typical Antenna Gain: VHF 28~32dB,UHF 28~36dB
  • Reception Range: 990 Miles
  • Channels: 1~69
  • Impedance: 75ohm
  • Max Output Level: 105dB uV
  • Main Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz
  • Operation Temperature: -10 Degree~50Degree
  • Coaxial Cable: 10M
  • Weight: 63.85oz / 1810g


1 x PowerHDTV™ Antenna Outdoor HD TV Antenna
1 x Adapter
1 x Remote Control
1 x Instruction
1 x Power Box

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