Heated Rechargeable Gloves

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $59.99.


Introducing our Heated Rechargeable Gloves – the perfect solution to keep your hands warm in chilly weather. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these gloves provide a comfortable and adjustable heat level for maximum warmth. Whether you’re braving the winter cold or engaging in outdoor activities, these gloves ensure cozy and toasty hands.

Heated Gloves - Hand Warmers - 5000mAh - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™
Heated Rechargeable Gloves $79.99 Original price was: $79.99.$59.99Current price is: $59.99.

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Heated Gloves - Hand Warmers - 5000mAh - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™
Heated Rechargeable Gloves
$79.99 Original price was: $79.99.$59.99Current price is: $59.99.

Cold hands? Regular gloves cannot keep your hands warm?
We’ve been there..

The feeling of cold freezing fingers can be painful. But now you don’t have to suffer through those harsh winter months with nothing but an itchy pair of gloves on your hands! Our Heated Gloves are designed specifically for people who spend their days outside, whether they’re working in subzero temperatures or just playing around at ski resorts like we did this past season.

Waterproof, Snowproof & Windproof Gloves

Put on a pair of waterproof heated gloves and you’ll be able to ride in even the coldest and wettest conditions. When you have damp and cold hands, a lot of bad things can happen. Blisters, numb fingers, and frostbite are just a few examples. With a pair of waterproof head gloves, you’ll be protected and warm when pedaling even on the coldest of days.

Intelligent Touch Screen Design

While wearing your cold-proof gloves, you can play your favorite game, make and receive phone calls, or keep your social media profile up to date.

Perfect for Outdoor Sports

Suitable for a variety of winter outdoor activities such as mountaineering, skiing, hiking, hunting, snowboarding, biking, ice fishing, skiing, rock climbing, and so on. If you have any questions, please email us and we will respond as soon as possible.

3 Temperature Settings – Instant Heat

The far-infrared fiber heating elements cover the entire hand back and all the fingers till the fingertips, quickly heating up your entire hand in seconds (most other heating gloves only heat the hand back); With a simple click of the ON/OFF button, you can easily adjust the three temperature settings (high, medium, and low). 2pcs CE&UL certified 3.7v 5000mah rechargeable batteries, with a full charge lasting up to 8 hours.


  • palm length (rubber band to fingertip) 9in
  • thumb length: 3.7in
  • index finger length: 3.7in
  • middle finger length: 4.1in
  • ring finger length: 4.1in
  • Little finger length:3.1in
  • cuff width: 6.7in
  • rubber band width(not max): 4in

Package Includes

  • 2 x Heat Gloves
  • 2 x 5000mAh Lithium-ion Batteries
  • 1 x USB Charger