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The Most Powerful Outdoor HDTV Antenna on the Market

Our NEW Outdoor HDTV Antenna with signal booster (over 900-mile range) allows you to get beautiful HD channels without paying for any cable or satellite subscriptions.

Each antenna comes equipped with a complete DIY kit, 360° motor, and smart IC ship to ALWAYS provide the clearest picture possible.

Key Benefits

  • ENJOY FREE HD CHANNELS – T  he antenna receives UHF/VHF/FM signals and will broadcast both High Definition and Standard Definition channels. Enjoy local news, weather, sitcoms, kids, and sports programming with NO MONTHLY CONTRACT and potentially SAVE hundreds of dollars a year.  
  • UPGRADED SIGNAL-BOOSTING AMPLIFIER – Our new amplifier includes the most advanced L  ow-Noise and High Gain Amplifier is built in technology to filter out cellular and FM signals resulting in a clearer picture with low noise. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY COAXIAL CABLE – The motor rotor is powered by the low voltage coaxial cable that runs from the control box to the antenna, so there is no need to ground the antenna or run a separate power cable, multi-directional, and high-performance UHF and VHF reception from up to 360 miles away. 
  • TOUGH WEATHER PROOF DESIGN  – Whether it’s snow, rain, or shine PowerHDTV™  HDTV outdoor Antenna offers a unique and compact design proven to last. T he built-in motorized rotor turns the antenna 360 degrees, Reception range up to 150 miles from broadcast towers (please read below for more information)

     Whats in the Box?

    • One – HDTV PowerHDTV™ Antenna with built-in rotor & amplifier
    • One – Rotor control box
    • One – Remote for the rotor control box
    • One – 40Ft coax cable
    • One – 4Ft coax cable
    • One – power supply for the rotor control box


    150-mile reception range is for the optimal situation where all the variables that can affect a signal are favorable (ie: line of sight to broadcast towers, antenna positioned at the best height, weather, strength of signal broadcasted from the tower, etc, etc).  Actual range may vary and is highly dependent on your location and the variables previously mentioned.  Please search Google for “FCC DTV Reception Map” and enter your zip code to get an idea of what channels you can expect to receive with this antenna.