360 Light Bulb Security Surveillance Camera



Illuminate and secure your surroundings effortlessly with the Smartcam 360™ Light Bulb Security Camera. This wireless marvel seamlessly replaces your exterior light bulb, transforming it into a 360° surveillance powerhouse.

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Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Camera - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™
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Illuminate Your Security

Upgrade your security effortlessly with the Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Surveillance Camera – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your home, business, or property with seamless integration and unparalleled features.

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✔️Seamless Integration: Say goodbye to expensive installations! Simply screw in the Smartcam360™ to replace your exterior light bulb, instantly transforming it into a powerful security system.

✔️360° Motion Tracking: Experience unmatched surveillance with advanced motion tracking covering every corner of your property within a 360° range. Rest assured, every movement is monitored.

✔️Integrated Light: Deter intruders with the built-in light feature, enhancing image quality in low-light conditions while providing an extra layer of security by illuminating your surroundings.

✔️Easy Control: Take charge effortlessly. The Smartcam360™ can be controlled and moved in multiple directions, ensuring no blind spots and giving you complete control over your surveillance.

Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Camera - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™


✔️Complete Coverage: Enjoy the freedom of a camera that covers every angle, leaving no room for blind spots or vulnerabilities. Your property remains under vigilant surveillance at all times.

✔️No Batteries Required: Unlike other cameras, the Smartcam360™ effortlessly hooks into your standard light bulb socket, eliminating the hassle of battery replacements and ensuring uninterrupted security.

✔️Real-Time Recording: Sync to your WiFi and record in real-time. Keep a vigilant eye on your property, capturing every detail and ensuring your peace of mind knowing you’re always in the loop.

Illuminate your security and take your peace of mind to new heights with the Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Surveillance Camera. Effortless installation, comprehensive coverage, and real-time monitoring make it the ultimate choice for modern security needs.

Secure your property today and stay ahead of potential threats with Smartcam360™!

Upgrade your security without breaking the bank. Order the Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Surveillance Camera today and enjoy the convenience of a 360° security solution. Illuminate, secure, and simplify your life – click “Add to Cart” now!


Camera Specifications: 

  • Resolution: 1080P Full HD / 30 FPS
  • Night Vision: 33 Feet (10m)
  • Network Connection: WiFi/AP Hotspot
  • Socket: E27 Bulb Base (Fits Your Standard Socket)
  • Storage: SD Memory Card (Max 128G) / Cloud Storage
  • Luminance: 12000 Lumen
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65


  • Premium Quality ABS
  • High-Quality Glass

Whats Included:

  • Smartcam360™ Light Bulb Security Surveillance Camera
  • Lamp Holder Base
  • Mounting Screws
  • Instruction Manual