SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun

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<p>1-7L adjustable continuous flow oxygen supply, up to 90% oxygen concentration<br/></p> Luxurious Foam, Effortless Cleaning

<p>Incorporates nebulization function and auto oxygen humidification function<br/></p> Unmatched Power, Unrivaled Results

<p>Low noise, power-saving hidden display, and ultra-intelligent control<br/></p> Precision Cleaning Made Simple

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SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun $89.99 Original price was: $89.99.$49.99Current price is: $49.99.
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SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun
$89.99 Original price was: $89.99.$49.99Current price is: $49.99.


Unleash the Foam Revolution

Revolutionize your car washing experience with the SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun. Say goodbye to the limitations of water hoses and pressure washers, and welcome a revolutionary way to apply your favorite cleaning chemicals. Dive into a world where thick suds and intense foaming action embrace your vehicle, making each wash a joyous affair.

Luxurious Suds without Limits

Indulge in thick suds without the need for a pressure washer. The SprayJet™ brings a spa-like experience to your vehicle, making each wash a luxury.

Dominant 4350 PSI Power

Empower your cleaning routine with 4350 PSI power. Conquer dirt effortlessly and elevate your car washing and cleaning endeavors to new heights.

Precision with Interchangeable Nozzles

Tailor your cleaning with precision using interchangeable nozzle tips – 0, 15, 25, 40, and 60 degrees. Direct water flow where it’s needed most for efficient cleaning.

Effortless Ergonomic Grip

Enjoy a comfortable grip during use. The SprayJet™ Foam Washer’s ergonomic design ensures effortless handling for a fatigue-free cleaning session.

Eco-friendly: 50% Chemical Reduction

Not just a foam cannon – it’s an environmentally conscious choice. Reduce chemical consumption by 50%, making your cleaning routine economical and eco-friendly.

In summary, the SprayJet™ Foam Washer is more than a tool; it’s a transformative cleaning experience. Elevate your car wash with luxurious suds, dominant power, precision, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Upgrade your cleaning ritual today.

SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun Car Wash - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™
SprayJet™ Foam Washer Power Spray Gun Car Wash - SNAPPYFINDS.COM ™


  • This Snow foam lance bottle can produce more lather, frothing foam for your use.  
  • Easy to fill. Bottle with wide opening has filling / mixing contralateral mark.  
  • Can be used with bottle grip.  
  • Unique corrosion-resistant copper material nozzle enables long term usage.  
  • Able to reduce chemical consumption by 50% when compare to similar products.  
  • Easy to rinse foam, can reduce cleaning time and labor cost.  
  • Can be used for automotive, industrial, fleet, institutional. agricultural, and food processing usage, enable more effective cleaning.  
  • Air compressor and foam tank is no longer needed. Can be used as long as you have a pressure washer. (May need to use adapter depending on your pressure washer)  
  • Fast connection, interchangeable. Able to spray foam evenly comparable to profession car wash.   


  • Material: plastic + steel  
  • Size: approx. 27.5 * 16.5cm  
  • Color: as picture shows  
  • Connector: 1/4″  

 Package Includes:   

   1 x Wash Gun  
   1 x Snow foam lance bottle  
   5 x Spray Nozzles Tips –  0°,15°, 25°, 40°, 60°