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Want to Keep Your Home or Car Looking Neat?

This Mini handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is your ideal helper, powerful, equipped with a variety of accessories, small and light, easy to hold in one hand, quickly remove any small debris, meet all your cleaning needs!


The car vacuum is equipped with aluminum alloy fans, and a high-performance copper motor, which provide a powerful suction up to 8000Pa, 28000r/min, 120W super high power, cleaning your car, home, and office while keeping the noise level below 70DB. It will assist you in easily cleaning dust, pet hair, sand, food residue, liquids, and debris hidden in a car seat, cushion, or sofa.


 The portable vacuum cleaner’s filter is detachable and washable, thanks to the use of stainless steel and sponge. Remove the filter and clean it with water. Save money by changing the three attached filters.



Our mini vacuum cleaner weighs only 0.8lb (365g) and is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Because of its compact design, the car vacuum cleaner can be easily stored anywhere and does not take up much space.


This cordless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable. The ergonomic design of a vacuum cleaner is used, and the motor and battery are placed on the handle to maintain a balance of gravity, while cleaning your stairs, kitchen, car, or hard-to-reach corners with no cable, and easily, ensuring that long-term holding is not tiring and that cleaning is a pleasure.


To meet your needs, the vacuum cleaner comes with three different nozzles, allowing you to reach even the most confined areas. Crevice Nozzle aka long service nozzle for hard-to-reach areas and narrow gaps; Brush Nozzle for carpet cleaning; And Wide Mouth Brush for car seats and floors. All of your problems will be swept away by a handheld vacuum cleaner.


 Large capacity aluminum battery provides at least 40 minutes of continuous use, enough to deep clean your home or car. It comes with two 2000 mAh batteries, that can be fully charged in under 3.5 hours. Because the vacuum cleaner is USB rechargeable, there is no need to plug it into the cigarette lighter, and there is no risk of damaging the car battery.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Vacuum cleaner
  • 1 x Crevice nozzle
  • 1 x Brush nozzle
  • 1 x Wide mouth brush
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Package box